Music at GMC: Cast in Time Folk Production

Music at GMC

The Land Remains

Folk Concert: The Land Remains
Date: 7.30pm, Saturday 10th November, 2012
Performers: Cast in Time (8-piece group)
Details: Songs composed and written by John Anderson
Script by Jackie May

A journey across the lands and oceans of our past, telling the true stories of the many thousands of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people driven from their homes and lands by cruel landlords and corrupt governments.

Using music, songs and script interwoven with silhouettes and beautiful pictures as a backdrop, Cast in Time carried us back to a time where little had changed in hundreds of years; until power, greed and industry forced people away from the life they knew and loved.

With powerful lead vocals and harmonies, this eight strong group playing tenor, six and twelve string guitars, keyboard, mandolin, fiddle, double bass, accordion, bouzouki, flute and recorder, left us with a truly memorable musical experience.

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