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Poppies Red & Cornflowers Blue

Concert: WW1 Commemoration Folk Concert
Poppies Red & Cornflowers Blue
Date: 7.30pm, Saturday 26th July, 2014
Performers: Poachers Moon

With the beautiful musicianship, harmony and singing of Christina Harden, Caroline Anderson, Ray Tower, Pete Gritton and Gill Redmond; John Anderson’s new production, ‘Poppies Red and Cornflowers Blue,’ came to GMC in 2014, the year in which we commemorate the Centenary of the First World War.

The story, told with original music and song, poems and narrative, with projected images as a backdrop, followed the lives of British soldiers from rural England – their excitement for adventure, willingness and patriotism for their beloved homeland. Often leaving a life of poverty, for better pay and decent food, we followed them from enlistment, through training to the killing fields of France and Belgium to meet the foe.

Their dedication, selflessness, courage and heroism shall remain unsurpassed, for all of time. This story was dedicated to so many who gave their lives and fought for our freedom today.

In the wasteland of the Somme amidst the death and destruction rose the poppy and cornflower....

‘Poppies red and cornflower blue
Shining out, across the feud
They do not rise to shear and plough
No ploughman treads these fields, just now
They rise in war torn troubled lands
And there defiant, bravely stand’

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