Music at GMC

2007 Children's Concert

Concert: Children's Concert
Date: Saturday 3rd March, 2007
Performers: Local School Children from
Shaftesbury School and
Wyke Primary School along with
Gillingham Imperial Band (Junior Section)
Theme: Winter-Spring
CD available: No


  1. Fanfare, Marching Marines
    Winter, Mgulu Hymn
    Blue Jam
    (Gillingham Imperial Band - Junior Section)
  2. Andante In the Pink (Spencer Felton - piano)
    Duet (with Gordon)
  3. Winter Blues (Henry Serlin - guitar)
  4. Stripy Cat Crawl
    The Movie Buster
    Mellow Out
    (Alexandra Bovey - clarinet)
  5. Sonatine - Wilhelm Popp (Harry Andrews - flute)
  6. The Snowman
    Crying Out for Love
    (Harry, Matthew & Wyke Primary School Choir)
  1. Easter Hymn, Cowboy Song
    Morris Dance, Safari Fanfare
    (Gillingham Imperial Band - Junior Section)
  2. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
    Vivaldi's 'Spring' from the Four Seasons
    (Matthew Curtis - flute)
  3. In Dreams
    (Oliver Gromski - piano)
  4. Scarborough Fair, Country Gardens
    Für Elise, Minuet
    (Megan Booth & Millie Barnett - clarinet & flute)
  5. Down the Bottom of My Garden
    (Megan Booth - piano)
  6. Haru No Umi (The Sea in Spring) - Michio Miyagi
    (Harry Andrews - flute)
  7. Rounds (All)
  8. Neptunes
    (Recorder Consort:
    Ellen Rutter, Philippa Budd, Polly Meyrick)
  9. Spring has Sprung
    There's a Song for Every Season
    (Wyke Primary School Choir)

March 2007 saw our first Children's Concert starring schoolchildren from two local schools along with the Junior Section from Gillingham Imperial Band. We hope that all the children enjoyed the concert as much as we did!

A big thank you to all of the children who performed for us. Grateful thanks also to Jess Pitman (Wyke Primary School), Neil McMullan (Shaftesbury School) and Jackie Adams (Gillingham Imperial Band, Junior Section) for all their hard work in helping put the concert together.

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