Music at GMC: DVD Screening: Franck - Father of the Organ Symphony

Music at GMC

DVD Screening:
Franck - Father of the Organ Symphony

Event: DVD Screening
Date: 2pm, Saturday 18th April, 2015
Introduced by: Will Fraser (Fugue State Films)

César Franck (1822-1890) founded the French symphonic organ school with twelve great compositions. His Six Piéces (1868), described by Lizst as the most important pieces for organ since Bach, included the first symphonic organ work and set the bar for later composers such as Widor, Guilmant and Vierne. His Trois Piéces (1878) brought vigour and grandeur to a nation recovering from the Franco-Prussian defeat. With the Trois Chorals he created peerless masterpieces that are among the most popular works ever written for the organ.
Fugue State Films have recently released a boxed-set containing three films that explore Franck's life and work. We shall be screening selected excerpts from these films along with stunning recordings on key organs built by Franck's great patron, Aristide Cavaillè-Coll, including the magnificent instrument in the cathedral of Saint-Omer. These recordings provide the content and context of Franck's greatest organ music.

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